EssilorLuxottica turnover has grown by 7.5%


    Despite the tension between the two founding partners, the EssilorLuxottica eyewear group closed the first quarter of 2019 with sales up 7.5% to 4.2 billion euros. The change at constant exchange rates was 3.7%.

    All the divisions of the group contributed to the growth, in particular the lenses & optical instruments divisions of Essilor (+ 7.8%) and Luxottica retail (+ 10.7%) as well as all the geographies, with the largest increases in North America (+ 9.1%), Asia-Oceania-Africa (+ 8.0%) and Latin America (+ 8.1%) “, says a note from the group, which in particular highlights the significant increase in Essilor sales of + 7.6% (+ 4.3% at constant exchange rates) which was supported by a uniform 3.3% growth.

    As for Luxottica, the Italian company recorded solid growth of 7.5% (+ 3.2% at constant exchange rates), accelerating compared to last year and the last quarters. Sales were driven, according to the note, “by the retail division, which benefited from a winning omnichannel model, strong retail brands and a positive consumption context in the main geographies“.

    I am very satisfied with the results of the first quarter of EssilorLuxottica, with all the business areas growing“. Thus comments the results of the first quarter Leonardo Del Vecchio, Executive president of the company. “2019 started well and Essilor’s contribution was important for the business, development of new products and acquisitions, as well as in the acceleration of synergies with Luxottica”, stresses Hubert Sagnieres, executive vice president (in the photo).


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