Italia Independent, Lapo Elkann ready to welcome new members


    Lapo Elkann is ready to sell a piece of his eyeglass business. Indeed, in Italia Independent – the accessible and transversal luxury brand listed on the AIM price list – new members could arrive.

    According to market rumors, the heir of Casa Agnelli, world fashion icon and entrepreneur in luxury, would have to study some extraordinary operation to enlarge the audience of shareholders and relaunch the brand. Today Lapo, back to limestone stages after a period away from the spotlight last exists with the return of the Fiat Spiaggina, is the owner of the brand, with 68% but the brand comes from a long period of difficulty, between financial statements and loss collapse on the stock exchange (from € 35 today languishing around € 2.4).

    Italia Independent, as the name suggested, was born as a personal adventure of mr. Elkann outside the galaxy Fca, but in 2016 was also joined by his brother John, taking part in a recapitalization of 15 million that otherwise would have done hard to go to port: the president of FCA has “saved” the brand and became a shareholder with 7%.

    Now the possible entry of new members could be the final pawn for the final relaunch: according to what is learned, Lapo would also be available to dilute a little, to reduce its participation (but still remaining above the 50% threshold to continue identifying the brand with its image).


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