Johnson & Johnson launches new photochromic contact lenses


    Johnson & Johnson has announced that its new contact lens Acuvue Oasys with Light Intelligent Technology is available now.

    The photochromic contact lenses will adapt to changing light conditions both indoors and outdoors, help eye recover from bright light up to five seconds faster than normal and reduce halos and starbursts around bright light at night.

    Johnson & Johnson Vision’s general manager of the UK and Ireland Giovanni Abruzzini said: ‘We are excited to bring Acuvue Oasys with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology to the UK this year. Every day, we are exposed to harsh lights and UV rays, which has the potential to impact eye comfort and vision. We believe this technology will be a game changer for the health and eye care industries, giving contact lens wearers a seamless way to support eye protection and help manage the stress associated with everyday light conditions.’


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