Luxottica leaves the Italian Stock Exchange


    Luxottica definitely says goodbye to Piazza Affari. The eyewear company founded by Leonardo Del Vecchio, which last October 1 completed the merger with the French Essilor giving life to the giant EssilorLuxottica listed on the Euronext price list in Paris, today carried out the delisting from the Italian Stock Exchange.

    The company’s shares will be withdrawn from listing starting today. However, in the past few weeks the hypothesis that in the future there may be a dual listing with the return to Piazza Affari has not been ruled out.

    At the beginning of the year, the Board of Directors of Luxottica communicated the final results of the sell-out procedure, announcing that: “EssilorLuxottica has reached 97.542% of Luxottica’s share capital, including treasury shares”.


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