Optos launches its latest ultra-widefield device on the European ophthalmic market


    Optos, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of retinal imaging technology and part of Nikon Corporation, is launching its latest ultra-widefield device to the European ophthalmic market at 100% Optical (the UK’s largest optical event, from 12 to 14 januay 2019), which is set to revolutionise the way eyecare professionals examine the eye.

    The Optos Monaco produces a 200° single-capture optomap image in less than half a second and also provides cross-sectional 40° OCT views of retinal structures with integrated Optical Coherence Tomography. It produces a 200° single-capture optomap® image in less than ½ second but is unique as it also provides cross-sectional Optical Coherence Tomography views of retinal structures.

    According to the company, the unique nature of the compact two-in-one model should improve practice efficiency and generate increased clinical data.

    The device enables rapid multi-modality capture featuring colour, autofluorescence and Optical Coherence Tomography scans for both eyes in just 90 seconds.

    Both the optomap images and Optical Coherence Tomography scans are correlated to facilitate a more in-depth pathology exam. This means optometrists can perform a comprehensive examination on patients knowing ocular disease and potential issues are tested for.

    The 2-in-1 compact desk-top retinal imaging device also benefits optometrists as the device saves space in the practice compared to multi-devices and provides increased clinical information, improving overall practice efficiency


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