Starting the purchase of 6.7% of Luxottica residual


    At the start the purchase of 6.7% of Luxottica residual. According to the final figures released today and related to the public exchange offer ended on November 28th, EssilorLuxottica holds 93.3% of the share capital of Luxottica. The percentage on the share capital is the same as communicated in recent days, immediately after the closing of the transaction, even if the total number of shares has been in absolute terms a correction in default for 16.180 shares brought in adherence to the offer compared to the provisional results announced last week.

    It should be noted that the Luxottica shareholders who brought their shares in compliance with the offer will receive the consideration in EssilorLuxottica shares on December 5th. At this point, the French company has the obligation to purchase from ordinary shareholders the Luxottica ordinary shares outstanding, equal to 6.7% of the share capital.

    EssilorLuxottica will put on the same plate the same amount as the offer ended last November 28th, that means 0.4613 EssilorLuxottica shares for each share or, alternatively, only to shareholders who request a cash payment whose amount will be equal to the average weighted closing prices of the EssilorLuxottica shares on Euronext Paris during the five trading days preceding the payment date multiplied by the exchange ratio. The precise amount of the cash consideration will be announced on December 5th.

    At the end of such transaction, the Luxottica shares will be revoked from the listing starting from the open stock exchange day following the date of payment of the consideration for the purchase. In the event of a delisting, the Luxottica shareholders who have decided not to subscribe to the offer and do not require the offeror to purchase their remaining shares, will become holders of financial instruments not traded on any regulated market, with consequent difficulty in liquidating the own investment. Please note that starting December 4, DiaSorin (+ 3.20% to € 77.5) will become part of the FTSE MIB index, the Italian blue chip index, instead of Luxottica (+ 1.75% at 52 , 32 euros).


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