Thema Optical and the method for the perfect glasses frame


    The theme of personalization in the world of eywear accessories has been popular for some time, but with glasses it reaches its supreme apex.

    Thema Optical has launched an innovative method to help customers find the perfect glasses. It’s called VEA Virtual Eyewear Assistant, and it is an application that allows not only to choose the most suitable glasses for your face, but also to customize them as you wish. Once chosen among the wide range of shades, shapes and shades, the customer can see the final result on screen. And keep trying on glasses virtually until you find the ideal one. There is also the possibility of buying a biometric eyewear, that is, built specifically in the morphologically ideal shape and size of the face.

    The first VeaStore in the world was inaugurated last April, a digital place located in the center of Turin, born in partnership with Ottica Vista 2000. The model is put into instant production. After 20 minutes you can wear the first raw test. While the final model will be available within 24 hours.


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