Visioneering Technologies opens myopia control contact lens to Australian market


    Visioneering Technologies (VTI) has launched its multifocal contact lens to the Australian ophthalmic market, following a trial that demonstrated the product halted myopia progression in 70% of child cases. Australasia is now the first region outside the US to have access to the multifocal contact lens, which was granted approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration early last year.

    VTI CEO Dr Stephen Snowdy said the NaturalVue Multifocal One Day Contact Lens generated “very promising” results in an overseas study involving 100 children from 12 practice locations. The research showed a significant decrease in myopic refractive error change in 90% of participants, while myopia progression was completely stopped in 70% of cases.

    We believe that NaturalVue Multifocal One Day contact lenses are one of the most significant innovations in the optical design of multifocal contact lenses in a generation”, Snowdy said.

    According to the VTI, NaturalVue contact lenses, on average, only require one optometry appointment, whereas competing products may result in more than two. VTI has developed technology that allows for one prescription in the lens that corrects both distance and near vision, removing the need for a trial and error approach.

    These contact lenses are easier to fit than some current multifocal lenses, which tend to have a degree of compromise between the near and distant vision components that can make fitting the lenses a frustrating and time-consuming experience”, Snowdy added.

    Corneal Lens Corporation NZ (CLC) and its associated company, Contact Lens Centre Australia (CLCA), will distribute the NaturalVue lens. CLC is headquartered in Christchurch, New Zealand, and is a leading manufacturer and distributor of contact lens and vision care products in Australasia, South Africa and Hong Kong. CLCA is a distributor of eye care products and contact lenses throughout Australia, and has a distribution facility in Melbourne.

    We’re looking forward to playing a key role in bringing Visioneering’s revolutionary products to the ANZ region. We are committed to distributing only the very best vision products” Mr Graeme Curtis, CLC managing director, said.


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